Why you should keep track of your kid's medical records online?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents keep health records for their children from the time of their birth.
Parents who keep up-to-date medical records will find less confusion for home caregivers and in emergency situations.

We make it easier with MotherKnows

Safe and secure


  • Parents sign up and pay for a MotherKnows account, input their child’s name and our office information and sign a medical release form.
  • We send MotherKnows important components of your child’s health record, such as a problem list, dates of immunizations, medications, growth charts, lab and x-ray results, and relevant visit information.  MotherKnows uses this information to create an online personal health record.
  • MotherKnows receives updates from us for your child’s health record when you request it.
Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date health record is a lot of work for parents.  We are working with a third party service, MotherKnows.com, to help make the process easier for you.  MotherKnows receives important components of your child’s medical records directly from us, then organizes and safely stores them online for you to access 24/7.


All of your child’s records are encrypted and password protected, so only you can access them online or share them with caregivers.

What is MotherKnows?

How does MotherKnows work?

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